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Bookbyte is an online book rental website that allows their users to sell, rent or buy used textbooks. They offer cheap rentals, free shipping, expedited shipping, order tracking and numerous other services that have helped them become a leader in the book rental industry. They are listed in our book rentals category with Chegg, Campus Book Rentals, BookRenter, Knetbooks and Zookal. The book selling process is very simple and fast, and Bookbyte assists sellers throughout the process. Bookbyte textbooks boasts thousands of excellent reviews and we encourage you to visit their website and learn more about their services.

Bookbyte provides a wealth of information on their website about the textbook purchasing and rental options. Renting your textbooks or purchasing alternate editions of books may be a great option for saving money. Buying older editions of the items may save students money as well. All of these options and a nice explanation are talked about in-depth on the website.

Bookbyte Books and Policies

Bookbyte offers a 14-day return guarantee on their books and a 10% loyalty bonus if you sell the books back to them. Bookbyte regularly runs promotional offers in an effort to provide the best experience and offers for their customers. The company offers textbooks for purchase in different conditions at different pricepoints and has some coupon codes available. From Anatomy books to Chemistry books, Biology books to Finance books, Math books to Science books and Accounting books to Astronomy books, Bookbyte has nearly every book subject covered. All of their orders are received and shipped online with no hassle to the customer.

Bookbyte Charity Contributions

Bookbyte works with a number of charities including Rotary Books for the World. They donate books and assist reading comprehension programs in many nations of the world. Headquartered in Salem, they have been recognized as a top company in Oregon.

Textbook Rentals - Discounts

Many people have found that renting books is the most cost-effective option for them. Students often save hundreds of dollars per semester on their book rentals. The process to create an account is very simple and requires little from the user. Within minutes you will be searching for a great deal on textbooks. Simply search by title, ISBN or author and you will almost certainly find the book you are looking for.

Bookbyte Return Assistance

Depending on the condition of your return book, you will be quoted a price from Bookbyte. Books will fall into one of a few general conditions. Finding the ISBN for you book is a simple process and the company has a nice section on their website that should be able to walk you through the entire process of selling your book. How to return your textbook to Bookbyte is a frequently asked question and there is plently of help on the site.

Bookbyte Promo Code

Bookbyte often offers promo codes for free shipping, extra discounts and more. There are numerous places around the web where you can find the bookbyte promo codes and we hope to be able to offer something on Sharing Economy Companies in the very near future.


Bookbyte has an extensive support section with FAQs about buying textbooks, shipping, selling textbooks, alternate book editions, renting textbooks, returning your rentals, and policies and refunds. There are over 50 commonly asked questions and concern areas that the website can help guide you to a satisfying answer to. On the Bookbyte website there is a blog that offers advice for students in a number of different areas. There is advice on volunteering abroad, helping students get their grades changed by their professors, hacks for increased memory and ways for students to spend their New Years or spring break.

Bookbyte Social Media

Bookbyte is available on Facebook and Twitter to assist in answering questions or helping you find what you are looking for. Their help center on the website will likely remain the way to get the fastest service, but there are options in addition to the standard 9 to 5 customer service assistance.

Cheap Textbooks

There are many places to buy cheap textbooks and we have already listed some of the top ones in our book rentals section. A lot of the top textbook rental companies work together in some way to provide students with the biggest book discounts possible. Cheap college textbooks can be found on Bookbyte in most available college subjects including those listed above. Bookbyte, Chegg, BookRenter and others offer huge savings on their college textbooks, often over a 50% discount on the price of new items.

Benefits of Rental Books

In addition to the discounts offered by renting books, there is a large environmental advantage. Reusing books is great for the environment as it significantly reduces the number of trees that are cut down at the expense of producing paper books. Sharing Economy Companies has a core focus on spreading the message about reusing products and there are few greater examples of this than being able to assist in reduced deforestation.

More Sharing Opportunities

In addition to the huge savings from ordering books on Bookbyte and other textbook rental companies, students can use the sharing economy to save significant money in other ways. Clothing sharing companies such as ThredUP, Poshmark and Rent the Runway allow students to save big on clothing either by renting items or reselling used clothing for income. Often-times students have events that require specific clothing and they spend hundreds on a clothing item they will only use once. These websites help with the problem and allow students to enjoy massive savings. ThredUP and Rent the Runway both offer promotional codes to new sign-ups, so be sure to take advantage of their generous offers. As Sharing Economy Companies continues to grow, we will attempt to bring students the best deals on textbook rentals from companies such as Bookbyte and all other sharing economy promotions that can save students money.