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BookRenter has saved students hundreds of millions of dollars renting them textbooks at a huge discount. They have been around since 2006 and are a leader in the book rental industry. BookRenter allows students to rent college textbooks as well as return them or buy them at a huge savings. The company is listed in our book rentals category with Campus Book Rentals, Chegg, Zookal, Knetbooks and Bookbyte. If you would like to learn more about the company, simply follow the link above and visit their website.

BookRenter Return

The process to return your books is very easy. BookRenter recommends that you keep the box that the books initially arrive in. Then you simply login to the website, print the return shipping label and take advantage of one of their easy book return options. If you are a new book renter and unfamiliar with the process, the website is excellent at walking you through how it works.

Rent Textbooks

The website has textbooks in nearly every category imaginable and some of the top categories are: Business textbooks, History textbooks, Home and Garden books, Engineering textbooks, Biographies, Science textbooks, Reference books and Education textbooks. With the opportunity to save a huge percentage on your textbook rentals, they are an excellent choice for your rental needs.

BookRenter and Chegg

BookRenter is now working with Chegg in an effort to bring students the lowest possible prices for college textbooks. Users are able to use their Chegg login and orders are processed through the Chegg website. With two of the largest book rental companies working together, BookRenter will continue to save students hundreds of dollars per year on their textbook rentals.

Sharing Economy Companies for Students

In addition to saving students money on rental textbooks using some of the great book shipping companies on our website, Sharing Economy Companies provides a great resource for other potential sharing companies that could benefit students. Many students on campus have vehicles, while a large number don't. Perhaps students could benefit from extra income driving for Uber or Lyft in their free time or off days from classes. Drivers that satisfy the age requirement and background checks are often able to make a substantial income that could help offset tuition costs. Additionally, safe and sober drivers are always at a premium on campus, so the services provided by Uber and Lyft drivers are amplified.

Top-notch university students are certainly qualified to share their teaching skills, and websites like Skillshare, Udemy and Fiverr provide a great opportunity for students to share their knowledge and assist others in meeting their goals. Teachers on Skillshare make money when a student takes a class and teachers often make tens of thousands of dollars per year. There are currently over 15,000 classes available with teachers from around the globe contributing their knowledge. Fiverr sellers are paid on a per task basis for the work they complete and have the freedom to work as little or as much as they would like. Students have the opportunity to perform a wide range of tasks including marketing, proofreading, translation, research, web programming, music promotion, virtual assistance, arts and much more.

Become a Book Renter Today

Renting books is an environmentally beneficial alternative to purchasing new books. Keeping trees alive is of the utmost importance, as they are one of Earth's greatest resources. Numerous book rental companies are now working together to provide cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions to the demands of printed materials. Becoming a book renter is a simple step that everyone can take in assisting the environment.