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Chegg is an online book rental website headquarted in California. They are one of the largest book rental companies and they specialize in online book rentals, tutoring services and helping students in a variety of other ways. The company was founded in 2005 and is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. They offer textbook rentals, used textbooks, cheap books and college textbooks.

Chegg Coupons

Chegg often offers coupons to its visitors, which frequently have to do with free shipping offers. Free shipping on textbooks cuts down on one of the larger expenses encountered and is a popular Chegg service. Renting through their website often saves students hundreds of dollars per year compared to buying. Shipping textbooks has never been easier and numerous companies have entered the book rental category in recent years. Chegg is listed in our book rentals category alongside Campus Book Rentals, Zookal, BookRenter, Knetbooks and Bookbyte. We invite you to visit their website through our link and learn more about the company today.

Chegg Study - Start Learning Now

Chegg study is one of the things that makes them unique. They offer top notch 24-7 tutoring services and studying options that often help students attain better grades. Students receive 30 minutes of free online tutoring. The free trial study offer can be claimed easily on the website. The study section covers Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Algebra, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry and more. Overall, Chegg has helped hundreds of thousands of students through their excellent book rental service and studying options.

Chegg Login - Start Saving Now!

Logging into Chegg is very easy and there is even a Facebook login option for your convenience. There are a number of benefits to joining Chegg including some we have already outlined on our website. Chegg study, internships and scholarship opportunities continue to make the website even more appealing to those considering joining one of the leading textbook rentals companies. Chegg often offers free shipping and once logged in you can take advantage of all their special promotions and discounts. Chegg customer service is available via phone, chat, Facebook and Twitter.

Chegg Test Prep

Chegg has an extensive ACT and SAT test preparation section dedicated to assisting students score higher on their entrance exams. There are over 1,400 practice SAT problems for students as they prepare for the test. The SAT Math section contains learning material related to Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Statistics and more. The SAT Reading section covers all of the grammar and vocabulary related materials needed to succeed on the test. There are over 1,700 ACT practice problems and more than 80 ACT video lessons available on Chegg. Similar to the SAT test prep offering, the ACT section is comprehensive and covers everything the student will need. Students are able to track their progress and practice with sample tests and quizzes. Video lessons and detailed answers and explanations are available to help students fully understand the subject matter prior to taking one of the biggest tests of their lives.

Chegg Login for Free Trial

Chegg offers a free trial for 30 days of Chegg Study. You will receive detailed solutions and access to the question and answer experts. There are millions of solved questions on Chegg Study and you will receive solutions for thousands of textbooks. Chegg answers some of the more difficult and annoying problems you will encounter thus saving you a lot of time and frustration. The study section is something you are likely going to want to take advantage of regularly. Login to Chegg books and try their free trial today and see for yourself.

Used Textbooks

More and more students are becoming comfortable with the idea of purchasing used textbooks online. Chegg is a very popular choice among book rental companies with over 1 million internet searches per month. Renting or purchasing used textbooks instead of new textbooks is excellent for the environment and is proving to save students tons of money when they desperately need it. With costs of tuition remaining extremely high, any saving opportunities for students will likely be utilized.

Buy Cheap Textbooks

All of the textbook rental companies on our website share the same goal of providing the cheapest possible textbooks for students. College textbooks make up a significant portion of college costs and any solution to the expensive status quo is welcomed. Chegg has some of the most deeply discounted textbooks on the internet as well as an accompanying suite of products that are sure to help any student.

Explore Colleges and Chegg Scholarships

On the Chegg website is a large section dedicated to helping students find the perfect college. Users have the ability to search over 6,000 universities and colleges. They can search by environment, public or private school, degrees offered or by location. There is a comprehensive analysis of the university that covers its acceptance rate, demographics, application information, costs, experience score in a number of categories including academics, dining, housing, transportation, diversity, athletics, party scene, weather and much more.

There is a breakdown of financial aid award percentages and average value of awards given. Also on the website, students can browse over 25,000 scholarships. Chegg scholarships have helped students match up with over $1 billion in awards. Students can search by age, GPA required, application type, scholarship amount and more. Once students complete their login to Chegg and create a profile, the system will help match them to the best available scholarships. Here is just a partial list of significant opportunities available: $1,000 You Deserve It Scholarship, Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship Program, CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes, EssaysCapital Writing Contest, Letters About Literature Contest, Live Mas Scholarship, SanDisk Foundation Scholarship Program, Scholarship for Academic Excellence, AIST Foundation Steel Research and Applications Grant, ASM Outstanding Scholars Awards, Bill Gove Scholarship and William F. Helms Internship Program. The Chegg website does an excellent job of allowing students to find their best scholarship and awards opportunities. To learn more, simply follow the link above to the Chegg login page.

Find Textbooks

Finding deals on books through the Chegg site is very easy. Results for the 500 most relevant books are listed after a search is completed. The list price and rent book price are both clearly shown as options as well as the eTextbooks options. Chegg study questions and answers are also listed with hundreds of useful Chegg answers available. Tutors relevant to the subject queried are shown with the number of likes they have received from students.

Chegg App - Download Today

The Chegg app is available on the App Store as well as Google play. Students can also gain 24/7 access to tutors via the app. Contacting tutors is very easy and there is always someone available to help students solve even the most difficult of questions. Free study help can be accessed as mentioned above during the 30 minute session if available. Flashcards can be created and accessed through the Chegg app to test students knowledge.

Chegg Tutor Information

The website fully embraces the sharing economy approach through their offering of tutoring services. Qualified individuals can become Chegg tutors and earn a substantial income. Top tutors often earn over $1,000 per month and consistently have students referred to them through the website. Tutors are paid on a weekly basis and Chegg handles all the backend work regarding rates and billing. Thousands of subjects are available and tutors can work with students of all levels and abilities.