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Knetbooks allows students to receive significant savings on their textbooks. The company often offers free 2-way shipping and other promotional deals. Knetbooks has helped over a million students save on their books by offering affordable rentals.

Book Rental Companies

Knetbooks is currently listed in our book rental category with Chegg, Bookbyte, Campus Book Rentals and BookRenter. You can read numerous reviews on their website about students who have shopped around and selected their services to save tons on rentals.


The Knetbooks blog has a ton of valuable information for students. They cover a wide range of topics to assist in making student life better. On their blog you will find posts about being a responsible pet owner, how to properly use LinkedIn, what to do in the case of severe weather, how to plan your spring break, professional fashion advice and semester preparation tips. The Knetbook website covers more than just renting textbooks, but rather assists students in overcoming many challenges they face on a frequent basis.

Knetbooks Coupon Offers

Knetbooks coupons are available on their website. There are different levels of discounts based upon purchase price. Free shipping on textbook rentals is given without requiring a coupon code. Users can also follow them on social media to gain access to more valuable promotional offers. Creating an account is quick and easy, all you need is an email address or Facebook account and you will be setup and saving money on your textbook rentals shortly thereafter.

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Another option for students to work part-time would be assisting in rentals or perhaps renting out a spare room on accommodation rental companies such as Airbnb or Rent Like a Champion. Most people are familiar with Airbnb as it has grown to be one of the largest companies in the sharing economy. Rent Like a Champion is specifically targeted towards college campuses and events. During major football, basketball and other sporting games there is often a shortage of rental accommodation available in the college towns. Rent Like a Champion attempts to solve that problem by offering numerous short-term rentals in or around the campus. With these websites gaining popularity quickly there is an excellent opportunity for property managers, housekeepers and property owners to benefit greatly. As our website continues to grow, we hope to bring students more opportunities to save and makey money in the sharing economy.