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Our website visitors get access to special top sharing economy companies promotions and coupons. There is currently over $250 available in discounts and gifts available from top sharing economy companies. Our list of top companies includes Turo, DogVacay, Airbnb, Uber, CoachUp and ThredUP, many of which have offers included.

Our site is compensated by the best sharing economy companies paying us a referral fee. We strive to list the best sharing economy companies by category and are happy to take recommendations for new sharing economy companies.

Sharing Economy Categories

Many of the top sharing economy company categories are listed on this website, while some are not. A semi-comprehensive list of sharing economy categories includes: garden sharing, crowdfunding, currency sharing, social dining, co-housing, couchsurfing, peer-to-peer accomodation rental, book swapping, tool lending, bike sharing, parking space sharing, peer-to-peer lending, car sharing, ride sharing, collaborative work areas, housing exchanges, toy swapping, equipment rental, skill sharing, motorcycle sharing, pet sitting, boat sharing, RV sharing, camera sharing, art sharing, babysitting, airplane rentals, bus sharing and outdoor gear sharing.

Sharing Economy Countries

The sharing economy operates in most of the countries of the world. Here we list some of the large countries that are making use of the sharing economy. China sharing economy, India sharing economy, United States sharing economy, Russia sharing economy, Japan sharing economy, France sharing economy, Argentina sharing economy, Poland sharing economy, Canada sharing economy.

Top Sharing Economy Companies

To list the top sharing economy company in each category would be subjective and difficult, but here we list some of the top sharing economy companies by category in no particular order. Accommodation Sharing - Airbnb and Wimdu. Airplane Sharing - Open Airplane. Babysitting - Sittercity and UrbanSitter. Bike Sharing - Spinlister. Boat Sharing - Boatbound. Book Sharing - Chegg and Bookbyte. Bus Sharing - Share the Bus. Camera Sharing - Perfocal. Car Sharing - Uber and Lyft. Clothing Sharing - Poshmark and Rent the Runway. Coworking Space - Desks Near Me. Crowdfunding - Crowdfunder and Kickstarter. Equipment Sharing - Streetbank. Food Sharing - Meal Sharing. Furniture Sharing - Furnishare. Parking Sharing - Parkpnp. Pet Sitting - Rover and Dog Vacay. RV Sharing - RVshare. Skill Sharing - Skillshare and CoachUp.


Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing website based out of San Francisco. Turo offers individuals the opportunity to rent out their vehicles to people searching for a car rental on their website. Many Turo rentals are for longer than one day and nearly all rental length options are available. In 2015 Forbes named Turo one of the hottest startups and it had a valuation over $300 million. Turo offers hundreds of different types of vehicles and operates in over 2,000 cities. Some of Turo's top cities are: Turo Seattle, Turo Denver, Turo Los Angeles, Turo San Francisco, Turo Miami. Their fleet of vehicles are all newer and Turo covers some degree of liability protection for car owners. Turo currently offers a generous promo code for new users. We invite you to take advantage of the Turo promotional offer via the link above.

Turo Car Rental

Turo offers a wide variety of vehicles for renters to choose from. Here we list some of the higher rated or more popular vehicles on Turo. Turo Nissan Sentra, BMW 5 Series, Mazda 5, Turo BMW I8, Audi A3, Turo Chevrolet Camara, Turo Tesla Model S, Fiat 500E. Turo reviews allow users to provide their reviews on both the vehicle and their overall experience renting the vehicle.

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Airbnb Coupon

Airbnb is one of the largest sharing economy companies and offers great sign-up bonuses and coupon codes. Here you can find a partial list of US cities likely to have coupon codes available. Orlando Airbnb coupon code, Los Angeles Airbnb coupon, Chicago Airbnb coupon code, Seattle Airbnb promotional code, Miami Airbnb coupon, San Diego Airbnb invite code, Austin Airbnb offer, Nashville Airbnb code, Denver Airbnb coupon code, Boston Airbnb promo and Portland Airbnb coupon code.

How Big is the Sharing Economy?

An immense number of new businesses have risen up out of the idea of sharing economy, and 17 of them are billion dollar sharing economy businesses. Obviously, the sharing economy will keep on growing, which will offer a fabulous chance to the business visionaries who will earn money on it.

Companies such as Airbnb, Fiverr, Rover and Uber are part of the sharing economy which is projected to reach $335 billion by 2025. Crowdfunding and skill sharing companies are listed on our homepage, while numerous other categories of sharing economy companies are listed on the following pages.

The 21st century and modern technology has acquainted us with the sharing economy. The essential thought behind the shared economy is that individuals get an opportunity to work from home or locations of their choosing while utilizing their time and resources to make an income. They help deliver goods and services to the public, often at a reduced rate. Share economy workers come in the form of car drivers, landowners, pet sitters, doctors, educators, accountants and just about any other profession imaginable.

Sharing economy company lists on the internet allow individuals searching for sharing economy apps and sharing economy jobs to find updated information on the top sharing companies. Please feel free to follow or like us on social media if you find we are a valuable source for the sharing economy.

Work From Home Jobs

Many of the share businesses listed on our website offer you the opportunity to work from home. Some even allow your home to work for you. Examples of this would be Airbnb and VRBO, where you can rent out your home and receive an income from the guests renting it. We currently offer an Airbnb coupon to guests signing up using the Airbnb coupon code through our Airbnb login link above.

There are numerous other options on our website which allow you to start your own home based business. The opportunity to work from home appeals to many entrepreneurs, but few realize how many great sharing economy websites offer them the ability to do so. Whether you are renting out your bike with Spinlister, driving with Uber or Lyft, sharing skills on Skillshare or CoachUp, or simply pet sitting on Rover or Dog Vacay, we hope you will find opportunities to suit you on Sharing Economy Companies.

Best Housing Rental Websites

We list some of the best accommodation sharing companies as well as link you to excellent accommodation share discounts and coupons. In addition to Airbnb, Roomorama, One Fine Stay, Bedly, Couchsurfing and 9flats found on this page, you will also find top accommodation sharing websites on our accommodation sharing page including VRBO, Vacatia, Home Away, Rent Like a Champion, FlipKey and Silvernest. Be sure to take advantage of the excellent sign-up bonuses and other share accommodation promotions.

Top Crowdfunding Websites

There are a tremendous amount of crowdfunding websites and here we list just a few of the top crowdfunding websites. Kickstarter, Start Some Good, Venmo, Crowdfunder, Pozible, Prosper and Lending Club. We will be adding new crowdfunding websites very soon, so please check back for an updated list.


Our website features Bookbyte and other top book rental companies such as Chegg, BookRenter, Campus Book Rentals and Knetbooks. In our book rentals section you will find some of the best book sharing and book rental companies in the sharing economy. Students often save more than 80% on their book rentals going through one of these companies. Most of the companies offer an excellent book return program that allows students to return the books to the website. The overall cost savings to students are immense and we invite you to visit Bookbyte and the rest of the book rental companies today.

Other Names for Sharing Economy

Often you will see the sharing economy called by other names and those include: peer-to-peer economy, collaborative consumption, gig economy, collaborating economy, access economy, reputation economy, collaborative economy, on-demand economy, trust economy, rental economy, shareconomy and peer economy.

Lyft Promo Code

Lyft is one of the largest car sharing businesses in the shared economy. They offer great promotional codes in some or all of the following cities. Lyft promo code Atlanta, Lyft promo code Orlando, Lyft coupon Boston, Lyft promo code Pittsburgh, Lyft promo code New York City, Lyft promo code Miami, Lyft offer Toledo.

Sharing Economy Companies List

Top sharing companies and our sharing economy companies list. Lyft, Etsy, 3D Hubs, Boatbound, Uber, Artsy, Airbnb, Roomorama, One fine stay, Bedly, Couchsurfing, 9flats, Turo, Getaround, SnappCar, BlaBlaCar, Liftshare, Goget, Pozible, Kickstarter, Prosper, Start Some Good, Crowdfunder, Venmo, Rover, Dog Buddy, Dog Hero, DogVacay, Cat in a Flat, Swapaw, Skillshare, Handy, CoachUp, 99designs, Fiverr, Udemy.

Rent Close to Home with Rentcharlie

Rentcharlie allows neighbors to rent out their items to those around them for a profit while allowing individuals seeking items to save money by renting instead of purchasing. From clothing sharing to furniture sharing, from equipment sharing to holiday rentals, and cleaning services to children's toy rentals, Rentcharlie is a top sharing economy company for a wide variety of daily needs. With thousands of items available, including an incredible tools and equipment sharing offering, Rentcharlie is sure to help you find the rental you are looking for.

Happy Pet Sitting with Swapaw

Swapaw assists owners to find reliable dog owners in their area to keep their pets happy while they are out of town. With an excellent questions and answers section on their website, Swapaw is a wonderful source for all of your pet sitting needs. Numerous proud owners are willing to assist you with a myriad of pet sitting offerings.

Uber Promo Code

Uber is the largest car sharing company in the sharing economy and offers great promotional bonuses. Here is a list of cities where promo codes may be available. Las Vegas Uber promo code, Miami Uber invite code, Orlando Uber promo code, Houston Uber promo, Seattle Uber promo code, Tampa Uber coupon code, San Antonio Uber promo code, St. Louis Uber coupon, Honolulu Uber promotion, Tuscon Uber promo code. Uber is available nearly everywhere and to learn more about the company, simply follow the link above and take advantage of the invite code.


ThredUP is one of the top clothing companies in the sharing economy and can be found in our clothing sharing category with Rent the Runway, Poshmark and others. ThredUP offers huge savings through their unique secondhand clothes website. They have a wide variety of clothing including womens and mens clothing, shoes, a designer collection and much more. Please follow the link on this page or visit the clothing sharing section to learn more today.


On this page you will find: Lyft coupon, Boatbound coupon, Uber coupon, Airbnb coupon, Roomorama coupon, Turo coupon, Getaround coupon, SnappCar coupon, Rover coupon, Dog Buddy coupon, Dog Hero coupon, Skillshare coupon, Handy coupon, CoachUp coupon and Fiverr coupon. Find more discounts and gifts for your top sharing economy websites on the following pages.